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Donating money

Thank you for your interest in supporting us financially.

You can contribute with a one-off donation, a monthly contribution of your choice or a loan.

One-off donations can be made by credit card and PayPal. Monthly contributions can be made by PayPal only and can be terminated any time within your PayPal account settings.

We have setup a form where you can optionally provide us additional information of your payment choice or if you consider a loan and request more financial details. 

Online Payments

By credit card

By PayPal

Payments from India

will be updated soon

Payments US or International

By check

payable to

Punarnava Healing Community Inc.


send it to

Deepak Singh

Punarnava Healing Community Inc.

262, Upland Road

Cambridge, MA 02140. USA.


By bank wire

for bank details

please call Deepak Singh  +1-508-358-4267 or 

email USATrustee@punarnava.org

Donation purposes and allocation

There are many areas where you can direct your donation. Choose either one or we may also allocate it where needed.  

Daily meal to 100 old and abandoned elders in the villages  US$ 50.00


Sponsoring a child in Balagrama for one year
US$ 600.00
 - US$ 50.00 for one month.


A special lunch/ dinner for Balagrama children for one day
US$ 40.00


Uniform for the 15 Balagrama children 3 Sets each
US$ 450.00
 - US$ 30.00 per child.


Sponsorship of Ayurveda Therapy studies
US$ 500.00 per student. One year diploma in Ayurveda and Panchakarma conducted by Punarnava Ayurveda Institute, under Bharat Sevak Samaj, a government of India enterprise. 


Free Ayurveda Medical camp in the village
US$ 250.00 average 50-60 patients.


Free Community Lunch
US$ 400.00 once every month for 300 villagers.


Break up of costing for community lunch

1.   Cost of one meal @ US$ 1.00 for 300 villagers – US$ 300.00

2.   Cost of banana leaf for serving 300 lunches- US$ 20.00

3.   Cost of labour - US$ 50.00

4.   Cost of transport- US$ 30.00


Sponsoring Eye camp in the village
US$ 500.00


Break up of costing for Eye camp

1.   Rent for the venue- US$ 50,00

2.   Hiring cost of tables, chairs, carpet etc US$ 50.00

3.   Advertising and village announcements, leaflet US$ 100.00

4.   Food for the camp - US$ 100.00

5.   Cost of spectacles for the villagers- US$ 100.00

6.   Transport costs US$ 100.00

Donating goods and services

For donating goods and services, please contact Deepak Singh


Call: +1-508-358-4267 (or)

Email: USATrustee@punarnava.org