Punarnava Healing Community Inc.

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Based on the success of our activities and needs identified since then, we have plans for much more.


Providing Ayurveda medical care, encouraging the use of non-chemical means


Natural farming of grains, vegetables, fruits, herbs and other essentials for a sustainable community


Planting of trees and improving our green cover


Encouraging care of cows, goats and other animals as important parts of an ecosystem


Some of the infrastructure we plan to create to facilitate the above include:

Future Constructions

Kitchen for Balagrama - 1200 sq ft area

Energy efficiency -  a solar grid that will generate power to run the hospital, Balagrama etc. as well as solar powered motor pumps for drawing water and also power for other electrical appliances

Training institute for the above mentioned activities

"How to Live" institute for village children and youngsters

Engaging in waste management and recycling

Encouraging water management and conservation

Establishing solar lighting and heating wherever possible

Establishing rainwater harvesting tanks

Senior citizens' home to house 30 senior citizens

Community kitchen and community center for each village

Building homes using stabilized soil blocks and other local material for the villagers

Establishing a bio-gas plant using human waste and utilizing this gas for partial fulfillment of the village energy needs

 Live simple · Live well  ·  Live healthy ·  Live happy

Engaging in all such activities that will encourage the creation of a non-chemical sustainable community built around the principles of Ayurveda and natural farming, and engaged in the simple vision of 

Further Initiatives


Bee keeping 


Pottery and other arts


Engaging in waste management and recycling


Encouraging water management and conservation


Working towards energy generation and management


Protecting the land for the purpose of farming and sustainable activities


Building a shelter for community elders


Building a school for the village children


Mud block making for house constructions


Banana pulp products, candles, natural soap...