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5th International Ayurveda Conference

December 23, 2015

Held from December 11-18, 2015 at Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India 


Exploring holism or interconnectedness in the context of the nine Grahas (planets) and their influence on all aspects of life, as understood by Ayurveda and allied Indian knowledge systems, was the THEME of the 5th International Conference on


“Ayurveda – Where Science Meets Consciousness”


The conference explored the concept of holism in greater detail, specifically in the context of the Navagrahas Each day of the conference was devoted to the study and understanding of a specific graha and its influence on our lives in the context of Ayurveda, Jyothisha, Tantra, Yoga and other allied Indian knowledge systems. Thus, a deeper understanding of the influence of the graha of the particular day was achieved, which facilitates healing at a deeper level.


Our chief Patrons

Padmabooshan. Sri. P. K. Warrier, Managing Trustee, Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal, India

Padmasri. Sri. P. R. Krishna Kumar, Managing Director, The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited, India



Dr. Robert Svoboda and Dr. Claudia Welch



Dr Vasant Lad, Dr Robert Svoboda, Dr Claudia Welch, Dr T S Krishnakumar, Dr N Gopalakrishnan, Dr Ram Manohar, Dr Gopa Kumar, Shri V Vasudevan, Dr James Ventrensca, Dr Muralidharan K P, Dr Sasidharan, Dr Sreevaths, Shri Ravunni Panikkar, Dr Suvarna Nalappat, Dr Bhagyalakshmi, Dr Vimal Jhajharia, Dr Manjiree Vikas Gokhale, Dr Ramaprasad, Dr Rajesh Kotecha, Dr Charak, Dr Sasikumar Nechiyil, Dr Dinesh K S, Dr J M Sampath, Dr Kalpana Sampath, Dr Sreedharan Namboothiri, Dr Shankara Chaitanya, Dr Parvati Saju, Dr Arati, Dr Margaret Mahan, Dr Vinod Krishnan, Dr Anaghan, Dr Eduardo Cardona, Dr Fredrick Smith, Dr Girish Momaya, Dr Sasikala Ananth, Dr Pravin, Ms Shakta Kaur, Yogrishi Vishwaketu, Ms Myra Lewin, Swami Nirmalandagiri Maharaj, Ms Purva Sampath were some of the presenters for the conference.


Pre Conference: December 6th to 11th 2015

This was attended by around 100 delegates from world over. The classes were conducted from 9 am to 5 pm and covered in depth subject analysis such as Jyotish, Acupuncture, Tongue analysis and much more. Honoured presenters included Dr T S Krishnakumar, Ms Margaret Mahan, Dr Arathi, Dr Jim Ventrensca, Dr Anaghan,and Dr Ramaprasad.


Guests of Honour

Former Governor of West Bengal Shri M K Narayananji, inaugurated the conference on December 11, 2015 and other guests included MLA of Kinathukadavu constitution, Shri Damodaran, AIDMK Party Secretary, Shri Shanmugham, Executive Officer of Thirumalayampalayam Panchayat Shri Ramadas, and Thirumalayampalayam Panchayat President, Shri Duraisamy, Shri Mahalingam(AIDMK), who participated in the conference on various days.



The conference was attended by 527 delegates as follows:

- International Delegates:   126 from 16 different countries.( 77 Females+ 49 Males)

- Student Delegates: 290 from around 25 Ayurveda colleges, India (Male 82 + Female 208)

- Indian (other) delegates: 40 (25 Males and 15 females)

- Invited delegates: 38 (25 Males and 13 Females)

Besides the delegates, there were over 50 presenters, 100 volunteers and service personnel who were present at the conference.


Structure of the conference

  • Samaradhana

  • Yoga classes

  • Keynotes;

  • Tadvidyasambhasa – discussion between experts;

  • Live demonstrations and practical sessions;

  • Video sessions of the more elaborate preparation processes;

  • Presentation of research papers;

  • Informal discussions with experts,

  • Poster presentation

  • Evening Pujas

  • Sanskriti programs



There were premium stalls, regular stalls and food stalls at the conference. Many leading companies like AVP, Key Stone Foundation, Arpitha Associates, Sivashakti Pharmaceuticals, Green Block Enterprises, Vasundhara Sarovar Premier, Isha Foundation, Vaidyagrama store, Punarnava Ayurveda Trust store, and Amoha, and many more stalls took part. As well as Ayurveda, Vastu and Jyotisha consultations went on at the Expo.




Home Pavilion

A beautiful pavilion, full of educational posters and information about all the Indian Knowledge systems was visited and admired by all. Visitors thronged the Home Pavilion. There was also a room for video presentation where students of Ayurveda and the Ayurveda enthusiasts met and exchanged information and ideas!

Other Activities: Every day the villagers from the nearby areas were fed in the afternoon in a special Annadanam. Special buses were used to bring the villagers to the venue and were taken back. The villagers also got to do shopping at the EXPO and also were invited to enjoy sanskriti programs and dinner.



The audience for the 5th International Ayurveda Conference included • First-time learner;

• Student of Ayurveda;

• Physician or practitioner of Indian Knowledge System;

• Person seeking a deeper understanding of Indian knowledge systems.



Vaidyagrama Ayurveda healing village provided a perfect backdrop for the 5th International Ayurveda Conference. The beautiful pujas enthralled the delegates and presenters alike and were attended by one and all. Dr Robert Svoboda ji and Dr Claudia Welch’s session which was attended by the majority of the delegates, took the audience through the graha’s every day learnings. This was followed by the key note sessions, Tadvidyasambhasa, and discussions in four different venues. The delegates were lamenting that they were not able to be at all four venues at once!



Live Streaming

For the first time in the history of Punarnava Trust conferences, Live Streaming was arranged during the conference and audience all over the world could view the same from their homes. This was well received.


Simultaneous Translation

This was another first for the Punarnava Ayurveda Conferences and was useful for all the delegates where language was a barrier in their understanding of the subject discussed. The delegates left the conference venue with lots of knowledge and memories and a promise to come back for the 6th International Ayurveda Conference.




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