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An appeal to support construction of Punarnava Community Center

September 22, 2017

Punarnava Community- 

 Our mission at Punarnava  is to create a sustainable community and towards achieving this mission, we have launched several 

1. Ayurveda Medical camps and health awareness camps,
2. Community lunches in Rottigoundanur village near Coimbatore, India for 300 people
3. Annam - Mid day meal to 100 elderly, poor and needy villagers from 12 different villages of the panchayat every day
4. Study centre in the village to support education
5. Balagrama - a hostel for boys since June, 2017
6. Women empowerment programs
7. Eye camps for conducting cataract surgeries

At the outset we plan to set up a community centre in 1.8 acres of land between Balagrama and the village, that will primarily consist of  around 10,000 sq.ft. of built up space including

A.      a reasonably sized hall
B.       a kitchen and dining space
C.       separate male and female rest rooms
D.      a clinic with medicine store
E.       a play area


The community centre will be used to support various activities like:
Medical camp and health awareness camp
Study centre
Yoga classes
Community lunch
Women empowerment programs
Additionally, the centre would also be used to host marriages of poor villagers who cannot afford to host weddings otherwise.

One of the goals of the trust is to promote music, art, dance, and other cultural programs, and to invite artists to come to our centre to conduct workshops for art enthusiasts and interested villagers. We can envisage our community to be thriving and full of life and living, and can visualise each one of you, our Vaidyagrama family members living and working in the same.


Let us all set a very strong intention to make this happen; and let us spread the word whereby this money can come in multiples of Rs.5000/- ( USD 80) or more from more number of people. We need to make this happen soon and hence appeal to you to spread the word.

We look forward to your help in building this community. Let us together endeavour to make it a space for everybody to grow spiritually easily and effortlessly, to be content, healthy and happy every moment of our lives, to change the paradigm in which we are all currently living to enable us to Live simple, Live well, Live healthy, Live happy.


We thank you very much for your support, prayers and best wishes, without which we wouldn’t have reached where we are today.







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