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Balagrama boys- Education-Community living

October 16, 2017

The boys at balagrama, are thriving with the care given by the staff. They did project work and participated in the Science Exhibition conducted by Rathinam collage for the high school students. Balagrama boys, Alagu Jagan- Class XI and Sakthivel Class IX represented their school - Government High School- Pichanur.

Alagu Jagan had made a Solar Oven  used wooden box, 2 square pieces of glass, mirror, black paint, cellotape,. He demonstrated cooking using the model.

Sakthivel made the grass cutter using PVC scrap, one motor, blade, plate and a battery.

They are very enthusiastic and participate in all the extracurricular activities. The boys participated in the inter school oratory competition for the Bharathiar day and won many prizes. They also participated in the Marathon race in Coimbatore city, to create awareness about making Coimbatore a green city.. They  went on a door to door campaign about using cloth bags and distributed cloth bags to villagers. For Ganesh festival, when every one purchased ganesha from the shop, the children set an example by making Ganesh idol with clay soil and then immersing in the stream, without creating water pollution.

They are getting trained to be the future leaders of their villages.













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