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Balagrama for girls- The need of the hour

November 6, 2017

In the backward villages of Coimbatore,just like the boys,  the girls also needs attention, love and care for their growth. We find that in the villages, there is no compulsion for the girls to study, they are given house work or sent to the nearby city to work as sales girls earning very low salaries.  This is because the parents are not educated and hence doesnot understand the value of education.The girls are married off at an early age and have children also at a very early age.

Punarnava Community envisages, that just like the boys in the community, we take care of the girls in the community as well. The girls also deserve to get the opportunity to study and lead a life of dignity. We are sure that we can train them to lead their villages one day.


Hence we plan to build a home for housing 30 girls from the nearby villages. These girls are from single parent families and also from very poor families who cannot look after the girls well.


We will give the girls all the opportunities for doing well in their life.


We plan to build 1500 sq ft space, at the cost of INR 2000/- per sq ft. The total cost of building  along with the furniture and fixtures works out to INR 33,00,000/- ( USD 50000).







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