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An Appeal from Punarnava Ayurveda Trust - Help us secure the land for the community!!

January 9, 2019

As you are aware, Punarnava Ayurveda Trust is engaged in creating an experimental self-sustainable and green community around Vaidyagrama. This is a model based on the community concept of several centuries ago where families live in harmony and support each other thereby promoting health, happiness and contentment.
The objectives of this community include -
1) Creating a model which can be replicated in other parts of India and the world; a model where life and living is centred on the principles of Ayurveda and natural farming
2) Aligning this model with environment friendliness and sustainability
3) Enabling the villagers to stop the migration process to the cities; and also to engage in agriculture and other such "earth based" activities
4) Enabling the men in the village to stop their various addictions and become useful members of their families and the larger community
5) Enabling the community to find health, happiness and contentment in this model
Some activities that the Trust has commenced in pursuit of the development of this community include -
* Free Medical service to the Villagers
* Community Lunch in the village every month
* Free daily meals to around 100 deserving senior villagers through our "Annam" project
* Free Eye camps with support of Aravind Eye Hospital, Coimbatore
* Balagrama - a home for children in the age group of 7-15 from the surrounding villages - where they are given completely free accommodation, food and education - and the values and principles of Ayurveda and Yoga are also taught to them - 15 children currently stay in this home
* Lakshmigrama - a home for native breed cows who can freely graze - there are 30 cows belonging to different native breeds like Kangeyam, Vechur, Sindhi, Sahiwal etc
* Vaidya - small cottage industry projects primarily focusing on women empowerment in the villages - in the first such project, we have established an eco-friendly sanitary pad production unit
* Karshakagrama - we are already engaging in natural farming of vegetables, fruits and herbs - and are in the process of encouraging the farmers in the surrounding areas to go back to natural and organic farming and extending support to them in this process.
* Vidyagrama - a study center for school children has been established in the neighboring village; financial support is extended to deserving village girls for their higher education; commencement of a "How to Live" school is one of the projects in the pipeline
* Rainwater harvesting​
* Energy management wherein we are focusing more on the use of solar, biogas, biomass etc. as a source of our power and fuel needs
* Waste management and degrading without the use of chemicals or energy
These are a few activities that we have commenced in pursuit of our larger vision of a sustainable healing community.
One important objective of this community building process is to protect the land in the surrounding area in order to make the entire space primarily an agro-forestry space which is not overly crowded with high rise buildings or big industries. Thus, if any villager is determined to sell their land, we put in the efforts to raise the funds to purchase the land and hold it for the community through a Trust. Over a period of time, we envisage the entire land in this area being held in Trust for the use of the local community primarily for natural farming. This particular effort requires much infusion of funds within a short period, as there are people from outside the community who are endeavoring to entice the villagers into selling the land to them and thereby disturb the community-building process that we are engaged in.
As you are aware, all of these efforts need a continuous inflow of resources for a period of time till the entire project becomes self-sustainable. This requirement has now become urgent - and hence we appeal to you to spread this message within your network.
Within the next 40 days, we need to reach this message to 10,000 people who can donate USD 108 or Indian Rupees 7200/ - this will be a great support of the global community to the development of a sustainable local community.
If each of our friends and well-wishers could contribute a minimum of USD 108, and also encourage at least 20 of their friends to make a similar contribution, we believe that the current need can be achieved quickly.
We are sending this message to you knowing your love for us and your commitment to the building of this community model. We seek this urgent support from you now in the continued interest of this process.
Thank you for your support and encouragement for all our community initiatives. Please keep us in your prayers just as we have you in ours.
Please do write to us in case you are able to help us. The link for donation is as below for International donors
Thank you for being with us in this journey. May God Bless you!
Yours in service
Team Punarnava Ayurveda Trust 

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