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An innovative announcement about Ayurveda Therapy Education

March 23, 2019

We are pleased to announce the launch of two important new training programs, under the auspices of the Punarnava Ayurveda Institute, (TN -7159) a program of the non-profit Punarnava Ayurveda Trust:


Spa Therapy Program

Panchakarma Therapy Program




Our fundraising goal and start-up budget needed to begin these programs on June 3, 2019 is $250,000US.  We are looking to inspire Benefactors, Scholarship Sponsors, Room and Board Supporters and Volunteers to help us realize these programs, in service of Ayurveda, local youth and to further the purposes of Punarnava Ayurveda Trust.


Spa Therapy Program


June 3, 2019 – Nov.  9, 2019 - 6 months full time


Mon. – Sat. Theory: 9am – 1pm; Practical 3pm - 6pm

Open to:                 

25 selected participants; among these up to 15 seats allocated for foreign applicants


Up to 35 classical therapies for use in a Spa setting. 

*Indications, Contra-Indications, Methodology, Notes

Contact Hours:      

750 classroom hours are scheduled


Successful completion of 12th Standard or equivalent

  -English Proficiency by written and oral entrance examinations

  -Commitment to ethical application of the program content

Tuition fee:                   


Certificate Awarded on Successful Completion:

Bharat Sevak Samaj( BSS-A Government of India Enterprise)



Panchakarma Therapy Program


June 3, 2019 – May 8, 2020  |  12 months full time


9am – 1pm Theory; 3pm – 6pm Practical

Open to:                 

25 participants from India selected by comprehensive application and entrance exam


Up to 70 classical therapies for use in a physician-supervised  panchakarma setting

Contact Hours:      

1500 classroom hours, combining theory and practical


Successful completion of 12th Standard or equivalent,

  -English proficiency by written and oral entrance examinations

  -Commitment to authentic Ayurveda as practiced at Vaidyagrama

Tuition fee:                   

Rs. 120,000/- for Indian applicants.



Certificate Awarded on Successful Completion

Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS- A Government Of India Enterprise) 


Room and Board

Simple, traditional small-group (4-5 in a 600 sq ft unit) housing is planned for participants to live on site and experience immersion into the Vaidyagrama lifestyle of caring, sharing and furthering the knowledge and practice of Ayurveda.


Your Benefit

Each of these programs intends to track participants’ mastery and success through weekly quizzes, monthly tests, mid-term examinations each semester, and final written, oral and practical examinations.  


These standards represent new benchmarks in trainings for spa therapists and panchakarma therapists in South India, with a view to supporting restoration of scriptural Ayurveda, based in the ancient texts, while providing gainful, satisfying and satvic employment.


The program is conceived both for social benefit reasons to help provide marketable skills for young adults, and for practical employee reasons of staffing Vaidyagrama, as a unique model of sustainable Ayurveda. More information on www.Vaidyagrama.com    


Student participants will be supported by the administration, faculty and staff to evolve their highest good and best humanitarian interests.


Application form

Download application form


Contact info

For more information about these programs and your interest in supporting our efforts, please contact Geetha Mohandas or Aparna Sarma at: core@punarnava.org.





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