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PRASOOTI TANTRA-30 hour course, March 2-7,2020

November 17, 2019


Prasooti Tantra is the 30 Hour course that Punarnava Ayurveda Trust is proposing to conduct in Vaidyagrama, from March 2 to March 7, 2020. This course is certified under PACE ( NAMA) 

The course will include 

1. Anatomy and Physiology of Reproductive System-Lectures

2.Pre pregnancy: preparing body and mind to receive a soul- Assessment, guidelines for would be fathers and mothers, Safe motherhood with Ayurveda, Menarche to menopause- An ayurvedic overview- Questionnaire and Discussion

3.Garba Sanskar, Mantra and Agnihotra-  Lecture, film and music, yoga

4.Specific pregnancy conditions and complications- Lectures

5.Garbini Vritta and paricharya- Care and conduct during pregnancy, Importance of Postures. -Lecture, Yoga

6.Garbini Aahar- Diet during pregnancy, managing your emotions during pregnancy, role of would be fathers- Lecture and cooking class

7.Garbahita Aushadhi- Lecture and Demonstration of preparation of medicine

8.Different Ways of Prasooti- Jala Prasooti, Birth at home.- Lectures

9.Month By Month growth of the baby and mother’s lifestyle( Embryology)- Lectures, Demonstration of Yoga and Diet

10.Sutika Paricharya- Care during post partal period and lactation- Lectures

11.Navjat Shishu Paricharya- Immediate care of a new born, Abhyangam, Neo natology, diet and immunity, baby care according to Ayurveda, Common diseases- Lectures and Demonstration.

12.Breast Feeding, diet and medicines that help breast feeding- Lectures

13.Stanya Dushti-Lactational disorders- Lectures

14.Values in Children, Parenting and Art- Lectures

15.Saundarya in Garbini and Sutika- Lectures

16.Going back to Normal life- Lectures


Practical training for Prasoothi Tantram.

PRECONCEPTION care- For preparation of pregnancy we need to do Panchakarma procedures.Vasti has an important role., Yoga plays an important role too.


ANTENATAL care- 2nd trimester Abhyangam, Dhanwantharam thailam yoni pichu Bhadra ksheerapakam Eranda thailam 20 ml with milk 3 days before date of delivery etc


POST NATAL careYoga, Soothika snanam, Pelvic exercise, Abhyangam, abdomen bandage etc

Certificate will be issued at the end of the course.

Fees for the course USD 450 ( International Students)  and INR 10000/- ( indians) for Accommodation, food, and Tuition - does not include Taxifare from airport and back sightseeing/shopping trip, and  incidentals like internet, laundry etc 

Please write to trustee@punarnava.org for more details about the daily schedule,



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